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Equipment – Delirium Pack

The Delirium Pack: the perfect pack to put your eyes on your guests!

Exemple de montageDo you like the beautiful installations on the track? With great effects thanks to the “Lyres” installed on the structure?

This pack is perfect to impress your guests and create a great atmosphere on the runway!

This pack includes:

• 2 powerful speakers 700W / RMS + amp
• 2 subwoofers 1000W / RMS + amp
• 1 square structure of 5x5x3 meters (LxWxH) for light games
• 4 LED color spots of 40W
• 8 LED moving heads of 180W
• 2 LED of UV spots 54W
• 1 LED strobe 80W+ controller
• 1 powerful smoke machine
• 2 wireless microphones
• 1 mix kit for the DJ (only if STARNIGHT DJ service used)

Delirium Pack installation examples