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Equipment – Totem Pack

The Totem Pack: it’s discreet and classy!

It is very appreciated for the installations where the places do not allow the installation of complete structures as for GlamourPack Plus or DeliriumPack !

In addition of it, you can add some spotlights of our DecoPack: a pack that provides a bright decorative touch.

Totems can be placed naked, or with a lycra surrounding the 2 meter structure of the lower to upper base.

This pack contains 4 Totems, but it can be expanded with as many Totems as needed.

=> Also available in “Half” version for smaller events: see below in the page


This pack includes:
• 2 x 700W / RMS speakers on stand + amp
• 1 subwoofer 1000W / RMS + amp
• 4 x 2 meter totems for light games
• 4 LED bar of 100W
• 4 LED moving heads of 180W
• 1 smoke machine
• 2 wireless microphones
• 1 mix kit for the DJ ( only included with STANIGHT DJ service)

Installation examples

Exemples d’installations avec nos lyres de 180W LED

Version modifiée où les projecteurs motorisés (lyres) “spots” ont été remplacées par des lyres de type “wash”