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Our equipment

Good equipment is essential to an event!

STARNIGHT adapts according to your needs, your desires, the type of event, the frame and the space to sound / illuminate. All requests can be made, with or without additional partners.

We have our own equipment park, guaranteeing its good implementation and the quality of it.

In addition, you will find below a list of the most requested equipment packages, created on the basis of our experience since 1998! They are offered with the DJ Service included at competitive price and they adapt to the vast majority of parties with dance evenings such as weddings, parties of small and medium businesses, birthdays, etc …

All equipment is also available for rent!

Popular packs

Glamor Pack

Absolutely perfect for a luxury party!

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This is the perfect package for big weddings where you want to increase the dance floor value!

It combines perfectly with the lighting DecoPack: a pack that contains “wall-licking” spots adding a bright decorative touch.

Delirium Pack

The perfect pack to put your eyes on it!

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Do you like the beautiful installations on the dance floor ? With great effects thanks to the Moving Heads lights installed on the structure?

This pack is perfect to impress your guests and create a great atmosphere on the runway!

Pack for special events, fully customizable

Custom Pack

When the “à la carte” service has a name!

Material installed in a completely personalized way, according to your needs and wishes.

Perfect for opening a store, product promotions, corporate events …

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Optional Packs can be added!

Deco Pack

The essential to decorate a room!

Composed of LED spots where you can choose a fixed or variable colors, this pack is a major asset to increment the visual atmosphere in the room.

It will perfectly accompany the solutions of the existing Packs.

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“Second room” Pack

And when there are two rooms?

Nothing is easier, this pack allows you to add 2 amplified speakers, with a background music kit + 1 microphone!


Boost the FUN side of your event!

This photography system is perfect for adding a friendly atmosphere to your guests! Give them some cool memories that they can take with them, and keep download all the photos for free via our website through our dedicated section.

Our PhotoBooths, also called Photomatons or Photobox, are real smiles machines!

Videoprojection Pack

Perfect for your presentation or videos!


A video projector with its 4m² screen! (2x2m), and a PC included: to display your serious presentations or family memories.

Optional: the TV Pack! Do not miss a big TV event and share it with your friends! A terrestrial TNT receiver can be connected to the projector: imagine a show on a TV of 2.85m / 112 inches!

Decorative lighting pack

A decorative and warm atmosphere!

showtec compact par 7 tri set

Nothing better than placing a few points of lights along a wall, a beam, an object to highlight! This LED lighting system allows you to choose a theme color, or to change color slowly throughout the event, or even to react to the sound of music during the evening for even more ambiance !


UV Pack

Great for neon nights!

A kit of 2 LED UV spotlights of 18×3 Watts each, for 108W total! An excellent effect for fluorescent evenings where the bright/neon colors will be sublimated.

Laser Scan

An incredible powerful Laser Show effect that will irrigate the entire room!

Being able to ensure very large rooms up to 1000 persons (500mW per scanner), this effect is essential for fans of light shows and/or electro music.

Speech Pack

A clear speech in a very big room? A conference ?


Let’s add loudspeakers perfectly distributed in the room so that the speech reaches the best of everyone’s ears! “Gooseneck”Microphones! Wireless microphones! Headset microphones! Etc …

Bubble machine

A surprising sensation, an extra atmosphere!

Powerful machine, equipped with 4 powerful turbines! The bubbles are created and projected with 2 turbines, they are then propelled in height by the other 2 front turbines. An effect both fun and, for weddings, romantic!

Powerful LED bar

A really cool effect in our lights effects!

Especially appreciated when they are configured as meters (because they are matrixable), they are also used in decorative objectives thanks to their powers of 100W.

Cocktail tables

Need some cocktail tables ?

Perfect for your cocktails, aperitifs or close to the bar, our tables provided with their covers are very useful for your guests!

TRUSS structure

The best of the best for lighting installation!

Absolutely essential for bright atmospheres lovers, this solid aluminium structure will take a beautiful volume on the dance floor for a most successful effect! “A la carte” quote depending on the room, and usually mounted with Moving Heads and spotlights to change colors.

Also perfect for all exhibition stands!

Also available: Cocktail tables, bubble machine, extra microphone, etc …