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If the event organizer does not object, we will take photos during the event!

This service is not mandatory, but is however provided by courtesy (free) in the same way as those taken by one of your friends, but with the advantage of being able to benefit them all of your guests.

A small paper with our website address and a password will be provided during the event to all your guests, so they can access to our photos.

However, this free service is an equivalent of amateur photos that do not claim to be taken with a professional look!
Indeed, if you want to get a professional photo service, nothing will replace a real photographer who is dedicated to his passion!

ATTENTION: It is important to understand that these photos are completely free of copyright protection, they will be accessible to you free of charge. The organizer reserves the right to ask our services to delete some photos he would not like to appear, but he and the people photographed, cannot complaint for an image right; the organizer taking on this responsibility.

If you have received a small paper during the event, please take it in front of you and click on the button below:


The photos remain available for at least 3 months, which gives you time to download the ones that interest you.