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Equipment – PhotoBooth

Add FUN to your event with our PhotoBooth!

Also known as Photomaton or Photobox, this camera has become the indispensable tool for events where you want to offer guests and yourself more fun memories than classic photos.

The system is customizable to your image for the day of the event!

And for even more crazy pictures, we can provide very nice disguise accessories.

In addition, always based on the password that will be given to you and your guests during the event, all photos taken by the PhotoBooth will be downloadable for free on our website via our Photos menu! (as long as he’s part of the DJ service)

Our PhotoBooths use professional components such as a real Reflex camera, a high-performance PC for photo processing and a very high quality printer!

They come with the printer loaded with a 400-print roll! But if necessary, additional rollers can be requested.


Customization of the device for your event.

Chacune de nos machines permettent d’être personnalisée à votre événement, et nous nous en chargeons !


You can ask us to:

– configure it to print one photo per print, or 4 photos per print (most often requested): both are possible too, it will just choose when taking the photo.

– include your company logo, or ask us to create it as, for a birthday, consisting of the name of the person being celebrated, his age and the date.

– change the print background color of the photos, as well as that of the machine interface screen.- for the bottom of the interface, we can put the logo alone, or logo + 1 background image, or editing of photos.


Options: :

We can deliver in addition to the device some small disguise accessories to make your photos more fun.

Choose wigs, hats, masks, boas, flower necklaces, etc …


> Price from 280 €

Installation examples