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List of STARNIGHT resident DJs:

DJ Only

(I am an artist, but I am not a music creator : I like playing music, I am just a good DJ : I am “DJ Only” !)

Experienced since 1996 and founder of STARNIGHT in 1999, he has an incalculable number of events behind him!

It is with great ease that he hosts all kinds of events, whether private or professional, whether they are big or small, themed or not, he will always find the right piece of music to play at the most opportune moment!

Listen some demo mixes of that DJ via this link

DJ Carl

At ease in all events, Carl adapts himself to all types of parties.

He has mixed in different clubs and trendy bars, he always tries to produce a perfect mix by following with interest the profiles of our different customers.

It is also him who is entrusted the vast majority of mundane parties, the world of luxury and fashion.


DJ Wise

A general DJ and former radio host on Radio Air Libre in 1997 and 1998, he has more than 20 years experience in hosting public and private events.

Following his participation in the DMC Belgium championship, he mixed in the capital’s clubs, such as Fuse, to name but one. This was followed by a residency at Mirano Continental and Chicago’s Bar (former club of the Radisson Hotel) in 2000 and 2001.

Afterwards, he perfected his skills in general music where he has fun making you dance until the end of the night on remixes of his own making… He also likes to mix styles by creating original mashups live!

DJ Skee

Since the 90s, DJ Skee and his vinyls heat up the dancefloors from Belgium to France passing by Guadeloupe.

He has been a DJ in hiphop, ragga, rock bands and still regularly for break dance battles.

Open minded and eclectic he enjoys mixing styles, cultures and times, which also makes him the perfect DJ for any general event!


DJ Magik G

Weddings and birthdays specialist, he is comfortable from the music of the 70s to the current hits! It will be a real pleasure to listen to your expectations to achieve the tailor-made evening you expect, according to your wishes, while adding a personal touch.

Also a Club DJ, it will ensure your party in a trendy club / club Latinos, Reggaeton, R&B and Commercial remix while respecting your wishes.


DJ Dan

Resident DJ of a discotheque known in Sombreffe, he is perfectly versatile and can adapts easily in all private parties.

Listening to his customers for many years, this experienced DJ will delight you with his musical selection and, consequently, you will leave excellent memories of your event!


DJ Dr. No

Specialist of ambient music, he is perfectly at ease in deep electro and funk mixes. This DJ perfectly matches the lounge evenings and relaxing atmosphere. Experienced since 1999, he devotes himself to mixing to heat the rooms, discotheques, the chic events, social evenings, …

He is currently a DJ resident in a club well known in Lille (France), but loves to spend his free time for his passion by mixing even more for your events!

Listen some demo mixes of that DJ via this link

DJ Dionyzos

The perfect DJ for your HardStyle theme parties!

Passionate and experienced for years, he will mix all the styles of this field, with a preference for the Euphoric HardStyle.

Do you like songs with high BPM? Do not hesitate: choose DJ Dionyzos!

Listen some demo mixes of that DJ via ce lien