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The Wedding DJ !

Because your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life!

Even more than another event, a wedding is prepared in advance for everything to be perfect! We invite you to meet us to discuss your desiderata and to verify their feasibility.

Together, we will study your planning, your musical selection, your choice of material, your budget, …

The Wedding DJ has an important role, because he must ensure the dance party, but he must also be complicit in the coordination between the other parties related to his services (catering, speeches, video projections, games, etc …).

=> We also invite you to share our contact information with your witnesses if they wish to organize with us for one or the other surprise.

The D day!

We are accomplices from A to Z to guarantee the atmosphere of your wedding!


Here is how a marriage happens in general:

  • The welcome of your guests : whether you arrive after your guests or not, we will be ready because we install the equipment completely before the first arrivals: then we welcome everyone with background music. If this is done in the garden or another room, we will install the necessary equipment to cover this part.
  • Catering and DJ: During the event, the DJ will regularly contact the caterer to know his schedule to intercaller the best speeches, games, etc … and ensure any last minute requests.
  • Your arrival in the room: if you wish, we will take care of installing your guests so that they will welcome you later during your return to the room, under the music of your choice, in a crazy atmosphere or more ceremonial, according to your desires.
  • The meal time: adapted songs will be broadcast so that this moment remains pleasant for all! We are taking advantage of this moment to distribute to each person a sticker including our website and a password, so everyone present in your party can download our photos (see menu “Photos” on this site).
  • Speeches and games: as mentioned above, we organize ourselves with the caterer to better interpose the speeches or games organized. Likewise for the garter, dress dance or other …
  • Evening guests: we adapt our musical selection so that the cocktail atmosphere rises as we get closer to the ball opening. If there are no more guests in the evening, we adapt our music towards the end of the main meal.
  • The dessert or the cake: whether it’s before or during the dance, we work with your caterer to create the event at the right time by launching the music of your choice and the lighting if desired.
  • The ball opening: we help you to start the dance party with the music of your choice, in a suitable light atmosphere, while announcing to your guests that we will invite you to applaud you.
  • The dance party: the DJ is not the star of your event, but YOU! we adapt the music according to your wishes expressed during our appointments, but also according to your guests. We always listen to your/their requests if you/they want to hear a specific song.

Equipment point of view, the TotemPack including DecoPack are the most used packs for weddings.

Brides and grooms who want even more material for a great atmosphere on the dance floor enjoy the prestigious GlamourPack that we will adapt according to the room.

In any case, we will provide you with a precise quote.

Our sound system uses quality professional equipment , just like our lights.


Contact us and we will help you with pleasure!

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