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Equipment – Half Totem Pack

The Half Totem Pack: first class for small events!

It is the perfect combination of material for small weddings, some birthday parties, and any other event where space is reduced!

This pack is the little brother of TotemPack and has a lot of success!

It also combines perfectly with the Pack lighting decor: a pack that provides architectural spots adding a bright decorative touch.

Totems are placed with a lycra surrounding the 2 meters of structure of the lower to upper base.


This pack includes:
• 2 x 700W / RMS speakers on stand + amp
• 1 subwoofer 1000W / RMS + amp
• 2 meter totems for light effect support
• 2 LED bars of 100W (placed inside Totems)
• 1 smoke machine
• 2 wireless microphones
• 1 mix kit for the DJ (only if STARNIGHT DJ used)

Installation examples

Small customisation by replacing the 2 x 180W LED spotlights with 4 x 12W LED washlights