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Services for private events

Everything to make your life easier!

Indeed, with our strong experience accumulated in more than 20 years, STARNIGHT offers the most suitable services for your private event, honestly and without pushing you to overconsumption!

For example, it is not useful to offer you a 5000W sound installation and an exceptional light show if you only expect 60 people.

The material that will be proposed to you will be adapted to a fair extent according to several factors such as:
– your desires- the type of event
– the number of people expected
– the average age of the guests
– the size of the hall and its dance floor
– and more…

Click here to discover our special page dedicated to weddings!


Party under the “Nineties” theme

Already established packages exist!

You will see in the section Matériel existing packages that have proven themselves.

These are the most requested and proven material facilities, especially for parties such as weddings, birthdays, student parties, baptisms, etc.

A small idea of the rates charged can be found in the Prices tab of our website.


Pink light decoration according to the bride and groom wishes wishes

A personalized service: of course!

If the existing packages do not suit you perfectly, it is of course possible to create the future installation totally according to your desires.

Need also special equipment, such as audio-visual, bubble machine or other? No problem !

Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your project and get the most suitable quote.


Small podium directed by MBCG

With another provider?

Also, various trusted providers are available in the Links-Tip section for , for example, an installer of inflatable castles and arbours, dancers, …